Vena + Arteria

Medical view – Vein + Artery by CB3D Studio on Sketchfab

Vaso sanguigno

Arterial vessel tour by bblakesley on Sketchfab

Tumore renale

Kidney Cancer – Tumour Thrombosis in IVC by cc94 on Sketchfab

Struttura di una cellula animale

Structure of an Animal Cell (Animated) by Andy Todd on Sketchfab

Struttura atomica del regolatore di conduttanza transmembrana della fibrosi cistica

Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Reg. by Sketchfab For Science on Sketchfab


Sperm spermatozoa detail labelled by Deepankar.Parmar on Sketchfab

Sistema riproduttore maschile

The Male Reproductive System by INTERVOKE on Sketchfab

Sistema nervoso

Nerves with a Skeletal Cross-Section by Ebers on Sketchfab

Sistema linfatico

Overview of the lymphatic system model 3 by asieben on Sketchfab

Sistema endocrino

Normal Feline Anatomy – Endocrine System by Pixelbeaker on Sketchfab